Robert Fifield
DrawingsRatio LandscapeCloud and BushEarly Spring1/2 BushThree StumpsSignscapeAuroraCloud MountainMountains Beyond MountainsBush SectionBush DistantMountains (Black Velvet)Map MountainsHill Sign / Lake SignRainbow ForestHillsignCloudHillsignFenced HillAurora IIBushes and BushesOutskirts CloudsignSignscapeCloud Mountain IICloud Ground VStumps and FlowersCloud and RainbowBushLate AutumnMountain SignPink Top IWalled GardenBushLinks IMountains Beyond Mountains I Forest Mountains MountainsMt. TreelinePink Top IIHillsignRose GardenHillsignLinks IIBushes and BushesRed CloudShoreMountains Beyond Mountains IISingscapeLinks IIISky and TreeRainbow ForestSky and GroundStumpTree and LakeTree IITree MapTree Lined LakeFlowers and TreeCloud Bush IIHedge IIIFlower FieldTrunksCloud Ground IIIBush IVFlower Field IIDockDaffodilsCloud Ground IVTreeCliff IIILake TreelineHedge IICloud Ground ICliff IVCliff IIBush VCloud Ground IIBush IIIBrown RainbowCloud Bush I